Stop, Observe, Act, Report

Careful observation of work conditions, surroundings and situations can help keep you safe. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the people, machinery, tools and equipment you see every day. Familiar situations and faces can fade into the woodwork so that you don’t notice a torn piece of insulation on a power tool, or the fact that a coworker is about to use the wrong ladder for the job.

Remember to SOAR to help you spot on-the-job hazards you may otherwise fail to see.

Stop and look. Before you start a new job or as you walk through your workplace, take a moment to look around.

Observe working conditions, safety hazards and your coworkers’ actions.Before you start a new job or as you walk through your workplace, take a moment to look around.

Act to remedy dangerous situations. If you see people using equipment incorrectly or failing to use personal protective equipment, bring it to their attention. Inform co-workers of dangerous behavior.

Report hazardous working conditions.  Report dangerous working conditions to your safety team or supervisor.



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