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Protect your sled with affordable coverage.

Fun, fast, and frigid

Riding a snowmobile can be a blast – but it can also be dangerous. Our customized snowmobile insurance policies are designed to give you peace of mind every time you ride off into the drifts.

Do I need snowmobile insurance?


Snowmobile insurance is not mandatory in Ohio, but may be required for certain snowmobile trails or parks. Your home and/or auto insurance may allow a snowmobile endorsement, but coverage will always be limited. We recommend that all sled owners carry a specialized policy designed for snowmobiles.


Even if insurance isn’t required, protecting your snowmobile, your passengers, and yourself is always a smart move.

Customize your coverage


When you buy snowmobile insurance from us, you get the coverage options you want at a price you can afford.


  • OEM replacement parts

  • Aftermarket accessories

  • Transport trailer coverage

  • Year-round coverage

Haven’t chosen a snowmobile yet?


Don’t worry, you can still get a free quote for any of the models you’re considering.


  • Make/model/year and condition

  • Names and info of the drivers you want to insure

  • Information about your current insurance

  • Details of any safety courses you’ve taken (discounts are awesome!)

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