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Before your next trip, make sure you have the right RV coverage.

On the road again

Whether you drive it or tow it, we know you love the RV lifestyle. It’s more than a car and not quite a house, which is why it can be so challenging to find affordable coverage for your home on wheels. We’ll help you get the best RV insurance coverage at the best price.

Can't I just add my RV to my auto policy?

Adding your RV to an existing car insurance policy may be an option, but RVs are much more than just cars. For better financial protection, consider RV insurance. This coverage combines elements of auto and home insurance to protect against the unique risks associated with a recreational vehicle.

We cover a wide range of RV’s


Whether you’re a weekend wanderer or enjoying your retirement on the go, we can help protect your dream.


  • Class A motorhomes

  • Travel trailers

  • Fifth wheels

  • Pop-up campers and camper vans

  • Horse and utility trailers

And offer many options to choose from


Just like your RV, you can customize your plan to meet your specific needs with a wide variety of coverage options including these and more:


  • Campsite and vacation coverage

  • Personal property and attachments

  • Emergency expenses

  • Full-time coverage (if RV is permanent residence)

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