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Focus more on your business. Let us handle the rest.
Increase profits


If you only focus on insurance premiums as a way of quantifying risk, you’re missing other costs that you have more control over.


Companies that put a premium on risk management are seeing better growth and higher profit margins.

Robust toolkit


We aren’t a typical agent who only shows up once per year at renewal. Our focus is building one-on-one relationships, measured by promises made and promises kept.


As a client, you will have access to a fully-stocked arsenal of tools.

  • In-house Risk Manager to train your leaders and validate your efforts

  • Safety Committee formation and management

  • Safety training for employees

  • Compliance updates

  • HR support (including hiring and onboarding)

  • Onsite professionals (DOT, OSHA, Benefits Compliance)

  • Online portal with 15,000+ attorney-reviewed documents

  • Online OSHA 300 incident tracking log

  • Contract review and assistance

  • Loss review and trend analysis

  • Much, much more…

CIG RiskTrack lets you take back control of your insurance rates


Most business owners are unaware of their dependency on insurance and the effect it has on their bottom line. Our program will help you:

360° review


We will craft a custom risk reduction plan based on a comprehensive review of your business. Our proactive plan identifies and corrects any vulnerabilities that may exist.


Like a personal trainer, we become a partner and make sure the heavy lifting gets done.

“Before I chose Community Insurance Group, I was struggling to understand why we were experiencing premium increases. After they learned our operations and background, they were able to show me how underwriters evaluate my risk and clearly explain that risk back to the underwriters. This lead to being accepted by an excellent carrier and a reduction of about 55% of our premium.”

– Ryan B., Big Dog Steel

“Am I running my business, or is my business running me?”


CIG RiskTrack™ is a proven system that provides a clear vision and path for the future, continual development for your entire team, and a culture of accountability to increase performance in all areas of your business.

Audit Workshop

Your complete road map to define your goals, differentiate through risk advice, and deliver a world-class client experience

Training & Coaching

A customized curriculum and knowledge bank with follow-up support for all areas of your business


Our team will help keep you on track and focused to implement the strategies necessary to achieve your goals

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