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Protect your assets with an additional layer of coverage.


What is umbrella insurance?

A personal umbrella insurance policy protects you from a financial downpour, a worst-case scenario where you could lose everything in a lawsuit. Even if your assets are few, an umbrella policy also protects your earnings.

Who needs umbrella insurance?


Just about anyone can benefit from umbrella insurance. A lawsuit can wipe out not only your current savings, but also what you stand to earn in the future. If you don’t have enough assets to cover a large settlement, you could be stuck paying off the debt for many years. Consider purchasing an umbrella policy if you:

  • Own property

  • Have significant savings, a business, or other assets

  • Regularly travel (especially abroad)

  • Own a pool, trampoline, or dog

  • Are a landlord

  • Coach kid’s sports

  • Do volunteer work

  • Engage in dangerous hobbies or sports

Coverage when you need it most


There’s no shortage of unforeseen circumstances that could impose a real risk to your family’s assets and financial future. Personal umbrella protection is critical coverage, designed to help protect you from life’s unexpected events.


  • Bodily injury, property damage, landlord liability

  • Libel and slander

  • False arrest or imprisonment

  • Shock/mental anguish

You’re at fault in an auto accident…


Imagine this scenario: after a major at-fault auto accident, you are sued and found liable for a $1.25 million judgment in court. The limits of your auto insurance policy is $500,000. You are responsible for paying the remaining $750,000


  • You could lose your house, savings, even your retirement fund

  • Your wages can be garnished for up to 10 years

  • An umbrella policy would pay the $750,000 in this scenario

  • An umbrella policy also covers teenage drivers

Bundle and Save

Having more than one insurance policy with us can save you time — and money. When you bundle more than one policy, like your home and auto insurance, you can take advantage of our already competitive rates with a multi-policy discount.





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