According to LIMRA (a non-profit organizations for the life insurance industry), 85% of people agree that they need to have life insurance. The reality, 41% of American have NO individual life insurance at all.

Why is that? We think there’s a number of reasons. Again, according to LIMRA, people overestimate the cost of life insurance by 200 to 300%. That means if you’re a typical consumer, what life insurance would actually cost you is at least half as much as you think and possibly a third as much as you think.

Another reason is life insurance provided by employers. Employer provided life insurance is a nice perk, but it is rarely enough and most people don’t think about the fact that if the job goes away, the life insurance goes away with it. Very few plans allow you to take your employer paid life insurance with you when you quit, get fired, or retire.

A third reason is the perception of the high pressure life insurance salesperson pressuring you into buying something you don’t understand, at limits you don’t need, in a product not suited for you.

Here at Community Insurance Group, you already trust us to insure your auto, home or business insurance. We want to make certain you know that we can also provide for your life insurance needs. We won’t pressure you into buying something you don’t need and we’ll always make sure you have the right product for your needs, in some cases from the same insurance companies you already trust to insure your auto, home or business.

Give us a call or stop by so we can review your current life insurance policies and needs. We’ll make sure you understand the options and give you a quote with no pressure or gimmicks.

About Community Insurance Group

Community Insurance Group is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in West Central Ohio with offices located in Sidney, Minster and Fort Loramie. We take pride in offering a wide range of insurance carriers and products, and work hard to create a successful and viable resource our communities can depend on. We specialize in Agribusiness and Farms, Contractors, Energy Dealers, Manufacturers, Trucking, Underground Storage Tanks, and Volunteer Fire Departments.