Trucking and transportation can be a very high risk operation. Truck accident claims can be very involved: there’s the other parties auto insurance involved, there may be property damage to other structures bringing a homeowners or businessowners policy into the picture and then there’s the cargo – who’s responsible for the damage to it and possibly more important who’s responsible if the content of the cargo are released into the environment. Add in the issues of whether or not the driver is an employee and possible workers compensation issues and it’s easy to see how a trucking accident can become one of the most convoluted and complication claims situations.

The vast majority of trucking companies are NOT huge corporations. You’re probably a small to medium sized business like everyone else, BUT, all the lawyers for the parties above are going to look to your trucking company as the deep pockets. Chances are, your pockets are no larger than anyone else’s.

What to do? Let our transportation experts work with you to make sure all the bases are covered in your risk management program.

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