The term agribusiness covers a lot of territory. From a small hobby farm to sophisticated confinement operations and machinery dealers with millions of dollars of inventory.

No one insurance company is going to be able to good a job of insuring all those types of risks. That’s why Community Insurance Group, an independent insurance agency, represents multiple insurance carriers who specialize in agribusiness. The perfect company for a hobby farm is most likely NOT going to the proper place to insure a commercial confinement operation and vice versa.

We’re dedicated to insuring agribusiness. Ryan Goldschmidt, in our Fort Loramie office, holds the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS) certification. He’s gone through special training and knows the agribusiness industry inside and out.

Contact us today and let us help you protect your agribusiness company.

About Community Insurance Group

Community Insurance Group is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in West Central Ohio with offices located in Sidney, Minster and Fort Loramie. We take pride in offering a wide range of insurance carriers and products, and work hard to create a successful and viable resource our communities can depend on. We specialize in Agribusiness and Farms, Contractors, Energy Dealers, Manufacturers, Trucking, Underground Storage Tanks, and Volunteer Fire Departments.