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Because a traditional homeowners policy may not be enough.

A unique solution for your unique home

If you’ve experienced financial success in your life, then you’ve probably invested a great deal in your home. When shopping for homeowners insurance, you may find that standard policies don’t quite meet your needs. We can help you find high-value home insurance that fills in the gaps left by traditional homeowners insurance.

Why do I need a special policy?


A traditional homeowners policy may not be enough to cover your unique needs.


  • Cap of $1,000-$2,000 for furs, jewelry, silver, and fine art

  • Cap on contents coverage at 50%-70% of your home’s value

  • Luxury home owners may have hired staff for cleaning, cooking, and gardening

  • High value possessions are highly attractive to burglars

  • Luxury items that appreciate in value, such as wine and fine art

Does my home qualify as high-value?


How do you determine if your home is a candidate for this type of policy?


  • Some insurance companies offer high-value policies for homes valued at $300,000 or more

  • Most won’t insure homes under $750,000 in value

  • Some policies begin at the $1 million mark

  • We can help you shop around to find the best policy to meet your needs

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