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The financial consequences of being sued can be devastating.

Affordable peace of mind

The problem for high-net-worth individuals is that a typical umbrella policy is often capped at $1 or $5 million, and that may not be enough protection. Fortunately, there is a select group of companies that offer specialized personal umbrella policies that have limits as high as $100 million – and they can be customized specifically to your situation.

Why you need an umbrella


As a high-net-worth individual, you have more liability risks than most individuals, since you are more likely to:


  • Hold a charity function or other event at home

  • Serve on boards of directors

  • Have more “toys” such as recreational vehicles and watercraft

  • Employ staff at your home

  • Have rental properties

Threats keeping wealthy individuals awake at night


Can you identify with any of these?


  • 47% – Auto accident

  • 31% – A household worker or guest injured on your property

  • 22% – Being accused of financial fraud in connection with a charity

  • 17% – Being accused of sexual harassment, abuse, or discrimination

  • 15% – A dispute with a neighbor

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