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For us, success means making a positive impact on our employees, clients, and society.

Charity & Fundraising

We’re committed to being a part of the local communities in which we operate and could not exist without their support. In turn, we extend our support to neighborhood charitable organizations, both on a corporate and individual level.

Community Employee Charity Photo
Charitable efforts

We contribute to dozens of organizations, including those who help children, minorities, and our furry friends.

Support for strong communities

We have been a longstanding supporter of facilities, programs, and initiatives that provide needed care services. We have also donated to many health and wellness initiatives.


Support for education and the arts

We support education and the arts through contributions and in-kind donations.

Industry Associations

We care about the industries we serve. We are a member of several trade associations and we support their work to promote your industry, educate the public, and achieve cohesion to help keep the industry strong.



Ohio Trucking Association
Indiana Motor Truck Association



Ohio Propane Gas Association
Indiana Propane Gas Association
Michigan Propane Gas Association
Kentucky Propane Gas Association


Fuel Oil

Petroleum Marketers Association of America
Ohio Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
Indiana Food and Fuel Association

“With the help of Community Insurance Group, we are able to meet the needs of individuals and families in Sidney and Shelby County. Our sincerest thanks to you for making the lives of those in need happy and productive.”

– Joseph Hansen • The Salvation Army

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